The COVENCO Difference

The COVENCO Difference

COVENCO is a management consultancy firm dedicated to improving your bottom line. All our projects are firmly linked to a Return on Investment – and our committment does not end until the return is achieved. You can count upon the promised results being realized and maintained through our unique Co-venture approach.

We understand that solutions cannot be imposed upon your organization. They must come from its heart – from its people. Our role is to identify Opportunities, make recommendations and work with your employees from the front lines to the board room to design and implement solutions that generate results. Our philosophy of co-operation and co-ownership of solutions make our suggestions both practical and sustainable.


Increased Profits Can Come From A Wide Variety
of Sources Within Your Organization

 The keys to improvement lie within Core Processes and the functions which support them: R & D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Marketing, Finance and Administration. Streamlined Core Processes deliver a greater return for stakeholders.

 • Lower Operating Costs
 • Compressed Cycle Time
 • Reduced Process Time
 • Improved Customer Service
 • Quality Enhancements
 • Inventory Optimization
 • Organization Leveraging

Together We Can Unlock Your Hidden Profits