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President, Gary Guthrie

All organizations have the potential to unlock hidden profits. The challenge, and sometimes the frustration, of senior management is not just to see the opportunity for greater profits – but also to realize those efficiencies throughout their organizations.

I invite you to invest a small amount of your time considering with us what profit gains your organization could make through streamlined processes, efficient operations, and enhanced customer service. COVENCO has successfully identified and quantified improvement opportunities for every organization which has commissioned us for a savings analysis. More important, every one of our co-venture projects have achieved their savings targets – targets which we guarantee at the completion of the operations analysis.

Here is our opportunity to jointly seek out areas for profit improvement within your company. Invest a short period of time with us and we will identify, at no cost to you, specific steps to measure the opportunity and capture hidden profits. Our committment to your improved profitability starts here – Please join us!

Gary Guthrie, President


“I look forward to exploring opportunities with you.”